Hayride Bench



I currently have a sequence of 30 Hayride benches available in locally-milled white oak, featuring quarter-sawn boards where most visible. The benches nest for ease of storage, and make a comfortable settee for two atop a standard straw bale. Perfect for outdoor concerts, county fairs and horse shows, the Hayride is built with solid joinery and air dried, exterior woods to last a lifetime. The wood is left unfinished to fade naturally to a silvery gray with exposure to the elements.

I will be making the Hayride in Monterey Cypress and other exterior grade woods milled by local sawyers in the future. Please contact me directly if you would like to place an order at scott@deepcraft.org. Shipping costs vary with the quantity ordered and the net weight of the species of wood.

Hayride costs:

$425 per bench when ordering 5 or less (plus shipping)

$375 per bench when ordering more than 5 (plus shipping)