Elder Chair


The Elder Chair

The walnut for this limited edition of Elder Chairs comes from the hybrid paradox walnut tree developed by Luther Burbank in the late nineteenth century, which crossed the English walnut with native, California claro walnut rootstock. California walnuts graced dining tables across Victorian America, and were prized as a versatile food, staple dessert and as a remedy for ‘ailments of the head’.

The highly figured wood has its origins in a sequence of related trees who lived a fruitful life as well-tended nut producers in nearby orchards. The wood was lovingly cut and air-dried by my friend Evan Shively, who sequenced the boards and organized them by tree. I designed the chair to feature the natural symmetries of the resulting book-matched cuts, placing the most dramatic grain where it will be polished by the most frequent body contact.


The Elder Chair combines luxury and versatility, traditional joinery with contemporary proportions and functionality. The chairs stack for ease of shipping and storage, and are equally at home living alongside antiques, indigenous craft and mid-century modernism.

I currently have a batch of four Elder chairs available for immediate sale, and will be taking orders on up to an additional 20, which will require approximately six months to manufacture. The Elder chair is the inaugural product available under the ‘deep’ brand, and we will be developing a product line befitting the Deep Craft ethos in the coming months. Each purchase will include a pint of our own homemade nocino, bottled in a hand blown container.

If you are interested in placing an order or arranging a commission, please contact me directly at Scott@deepcraft.org for further details. As our sales capacity increases, Deep Craft will offer other ordering and payment options. We look forward to hearing from you and to finding a good home for these classic chairs.


detail of the uniquely figured grain of the rare paradox walnut