We’re making our first batch of nocino this year with walnuts from our own trees. Our friend Donald Fortescue harvested the green nuts when he was up for a visit in early July. We washed the nuts, quartered them and set them to soak in grain alcohol and sugar, stirring them every day or so for the past few months. I like having daily tasks that require no thinking and provide their own reward. In another month or so we’ll strain the liqueur, add some spices and bottle it for at least another six months.

I kept an eye on this batch while I worked in the shop, making a set of walnut Elder Chairs and matching table with a walnut slab and black acacia base for my friend Nick. I made an extra batch of the chairs, some of which are now available for sale on the Goods page. I will include a pint of our own nucino with the purchase of each chair, bottled in a hand blown container.


A set of walnut Elder Chairs and custom dining table for Nick
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3 replies on “Nocino”

  1. How did the nocino turn out? I’m wondering if I should try with my black walnuts, or if only English walnut will do.

  2. Hi Bob- Thanks for the inquiry. The nocino turned out beautifully- smooth, rich, mellow, nutty, a bit like ‘averna’ (a sicilian liqueur). I think it would work just as well with black walnuts. Looking out the window, I notice our nuts are getting plump and green, and should be ready to start another batch in a few weeks. Keep in touch! Scott

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