Field Glasses

Deep Craft Expedition Furniture:

Over the years I have developed a series of Expedition Furnishings for use on site specific projects, like the Lightning House at Mildred’s Lane. Over the coming months I will be introducing items for sale in limited production, beginning with the Field Glasses:


A set of two hand blown field glasses

Sold in sets of two, each Field Glass is unique, hand blown to order by Conrad Williams in Eugene, Oregon. Each glass has its own custom fitting lid/coaster, and each set is packed in a solid wood, finger-jointed box with a sliding top.


Each glass comes with its own custom-fitting lid/coaster

To learn more of the story behind the development of the Field Glass, please go here. To place an order, please contact me directly at Conrad makes these to order in small batches, and availability currently varies.

A set of two Field glasses with lid/coasters, packed in a custom box is $175 (plus shipping).