Field Glasses


Site Specific projects  require careful planning on and off site. When building a treehouse and managing a crew over a sequence of days, small comforts and simple luxuries always help to maintain a convivial atmosphere and improve productivity, especially when the weather is not cooperating. While building treehouses over the years I have developed a collection of portable expedition furniture that has become an essential component of my set of tools. ivermectin for dog ear mites I will be making select, limited productions of my expedition furniture available on the Goods page, beginning with my hand-blown Field Glasses

Everyone appreciates good food and drink outdoors; everything tastes better, especially when served with real dishes, glasses and flatware. I developed the Field Glasses  for use in and under trees, where the ground is often uneven with roots and rocks. long term effects of ivermectin use The wide, low profile is nearly spill-proof, and the hollow, punted bottom grips the ground and clears debris.   A hand blown lid keeps out bugs and leaves, and doubles as a coaster for more polite settings.


The Field Glasses are made in small batches my my friend Conrad Williams in Eugene, Oregon. ivermectin ebay Conrad was one of my best students when I taught at California College of the Arts (CCA), and has been a reliable crew member on several of our site specific projects over the years. While still a student, Conrad made the initial prototypes for these glasses based on my sketch (at top). After graduation and extensive professional training, including a highly competetive apprenticeship with  Dale Chihuly, Conrad has since developed his own studio, where he will be making the Field Glass in small batches exclusively for Deep Craft.


Conrad Williams making the Field Glass

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  1. i just spoke with conrad and he’s making a set that will be available within the next few weeks. i’ll post them on the goods page as soon as i have this confirmed. thanks for your interest!! scott

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