Geodescic Greenhouse and RV Topiary


Wherever I travel I try to document roadside, vernacular architecture. Often times a journey to another region refocuses my attention when I come home to the Pacific Coast of Northern California. ivermectin oral solution for humans I was struck by these two structures over the past week, which pretty much typify the working class, domestic landscape of West Sonoma County. stromectol polska The (perceived) major divide within this demographic is between ‘hippies’ and ‘rednecks’, but I’m interested in the overlap between the groups; they have more in common than you’d think.

RV topiary


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  1. Hi Scott. I’m a casting director in Los Angeles and I’m casting an Major Network show looking for unique landscape. I love the topiary RV you have posted here. Any chance you are/ or know the owner? I’d love to reach out and give more details on the show. We are moving on this very quickly so please contact me ASAP. Thanks!

    Naomi Pacheco
    Casting Director
    Dam Legacy Entertainment

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