Saving Seeds with Alex Quinto


Ene harvested the last of our tomatoes and tomatillos, which she had let over-ripen on the vine to to make it easier to squeeze out the seeds. Our friend Alex Quinto was visiting for the day and helped Ene with the seed saving.

Alex is the co-founder of Work Worth Doing and has lived for years between Toronto and Mexico City, engaging in design research related to sustainable development and the future of U.S.-Mexico relations. He recently collaborated with Fernando Romero on the book Hyperborder, a detailed portrait of the U.S.-Mexican border and study of its potential future scenarios.

It seemed appropriate to discuss the future of our relationship with Mexico with Alex while handling seeds whose ancient origins are in the Americas. Next we will soak the seeds in water until the remaing fruit rots away, then dry the seeds in the sun for planting next spring. Perhaps Alex will return to help us plant the crop.


Alex and Ene saving seeds