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tuber2Giant roots of mysterious origin have been washing ashore along the Sonoma Coast

Like B Movie aliens readying for invasion, a mysterious crop of giant ‘beach tubers’ have blown ashore after the last string of storms and unusually high tides. I’m tempted to plant one to see what grows, but have seen enough bad movies to be wary.

beach tubers

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  1. Howdy,

    My good friend Colby-James passed on a link to your blog. Very good stuff! I have come across many of the aptly-named beach-tubers you speak of. Down here in southern california, they are typically Wild cucumber aka Manroot, Marah macrocarpa. Also interested in your Wisconson project, having spent 5 years living in Michigan surfing the lakes. You are sure to find some interested compatriates over there, as the DIY surfboard makers comprise a significant number in the line-ups there.


  2. Hey Pete-
    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for identifying the beach tubers! I realized that some of them are washed out lupin roots from the dunes, after a season of high tides and heavy surf. I’d love to be in touch about the project in Wisconsin. Please send me your contact info when you are able. You can reach me at Scott@deepcraft.org.

    Keep in touch!

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