Adams Angling

adam's angling

‘Adams Angling’ is my favorite catalog for thinking about planning an expedition

The transition to fair weather from a long and gray, chilly wet season always has me dreaming about excursions to the wilder reaches of Northern California, testing my wits in the face of a more bare mode of survival. While it’s been years since I’ve acted on the impulse, I consider myself well-prepared for the opportunity should it present itself, hopefully when I am not so (gratefully) burdened with Projects.

Meanwhile, I’m content with the vicarious thrill of thumbing through the pages of Adams Angling, my favorite catalog of antiquarian books and gear related to hunting, fishing, wilderness survival and Natural History. Somehow, the act of reading the catalog is almost better than the books themselves, and brings me closer to the actual experience I desire. Just knowing that this obscure body of knowledge exists and is accessible placates my wanderlust, and I can shift my focus from ‘thinking about planning an expedition‘ to the demanding tasks at hand.

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  1. Adam’s Angling looks fascinating ! When was it published ? Hope you never lose your wanderlust !

  2. The catalog is still compiled and published by Jim Adams, in Berkeley. You van probably make out his email address on the cover if you want to purchase one. He publishes 2 a year- one for books, periodicals, maps and such, and one for gear. I met him at a fly fishing trade show a few years ago.

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