Micro-Expedition, Session 2

buckboard model

I made a 1/4 scale model of the ‘surfboat’ I’ve been studying to use as inspiration for the class. The design represents a type of hull that performs well and is easy to build, requiring no ‘building jig’. The frame for the boat is built off of the main ‘deck batten’, laid upside down on the floor. I encouraged the class to use this concept as a design/build control mechanism as they develop their own ideas, making minor alterations to the overall proportions to suit the requirements of the desired performance of their ideal craft. Most students began by carving study models in foam or wood, which they will cut into sections and translate into construction frame models like the one pictured above. Here’s a little gallery of some of the work progress from our last session:

nicolas' boat

pete's model

atelier model1

sarah's model

jack and willey2

jack and willey1

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  1. Cork would be great for flotation, but foam is usually used because it’s so readily available. Do you have a stock of cork?

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