Hancock Shaker Village

shaker dustpan

I especially love the simple tools the Shakers made, like this dust pan.

We took a jog off course on our recent East Coast college tour to visit the Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Mass. This was my first visit, though I made frequent excursions to the Shaker Museum in Old Chatham, NY when I apprenticed with George Smith in the Hudson River Valley. The two of us would make a pilgrimage for inspiration whenever we needed a load of timber from a nearby sawmill, and the Shakers have been a huge influence ever since. ivermectin for cattle pour on ????? ??? 777 ??? 103 This time I was looking for inspiration as I convert one of our outbuildings into a dedicated shop to produce the Deep Deck longboard, and continue to put finishing touches on the interior of our house. mix ivermectin with tapeworm med? ???? ???????

shaker chair shop

Chair-assembly workshop

shaker room

Bedroom for visiting laborers

shaker building

House for visiting laborers

shaker workshop

shaker workshop2

Water-powered woodshop

shaker color

I love the pre-Victorian era Shaker use of color

shaker barn

The ingenious round barn, designed to prevent carriages from needing to turn around.


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  1. We visited Hancock a few years back and it truly is a magical place. I loved the interior spaces of that round barn, too….

  2. Hi

    I’d like to use your image of the Dust Pan as part of a cover for a novel I wrote titled Dust Pan Girl.
    The novel isn’t published.

    Is it okay if I do that?
    I’ll assume it is if I don’t hear back from you.


    James Fox

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