Bodega Break

bodega break1

distant foam line of the giant wave crashing off of Bodega Head

Every so often the storms conjure a giant wave off of Bodega Head, breaking right and left on either side of Bodega Rock, sometimes cresting all the way to the buoy, halfway to Tomales Bluff. This makes for an occasionally treacherous passage for Bodega Bay fishermen and is one reason why the traditional double-ender still prevails. ???? ????? ?? ??????? In a following sea, I’ve heard of transom boats backing into the Bay from offshore, unable to outrun the wave, positioning the bow to negotiate a breaker. ????? ????? Although notoriously sharky, on days like today the break looks ridable, I’d guess about double overhead, although I have yet to see anyone paddle out. ???? ??????? 365

bodega break2

I was lucky to catch a rainbow rising above Bodega Head

bodega head

satellite view of Bodega Head, Bodega Rock and the entry to Bodega Bay harbor.