A Ride for Town and Country

deepdeck duo3

two of my Deep Deck ‘completes’, in cold-molded, natural elm (Ulmus Americana)

I designed my new series of Deep Deck longboards to be ideally suited for both town and country riding, and Aili and I have been enjoying putting ours to the test as we negotiate the two. Measuring about 44” x 9.5”, the decks are both long and wide, with longitudinal camber, cupped rails, wide trucks and gummy wheels, all contributing to a stable, smooth ride while maintaining enough ‘snap’ to carve under speed. The tail curves up after a shortened wheelbase for quick turns or pick-ups on sidewalks.

This is the third iteration of the Deep Deck concept in elm (Ulmus Americana) , and I’ve sold four of a series of ten to this design. I plan to keep producing this particular deck in limited editions using different species of wood, with slight alterations in form depending upon the properties of the material. After over two years of experimenting and prototyping, I think I have it just right!

aili skating1 aili skating2

Aili and I enjoy a leisurely afternoon cruise on the Joe Rodota trail in Sebastopol