Frizelle Enos Feeds


The original Frizelle Enos in downtown Sebastopol.

Everybody loves Frizelle Enos, and Frizelle Enos loves us all right back. Whether you’re a rancher, apple farmer, hippy or weekender, we all need our Carhartts, straw bales, wood stoves and chicken feed, all served up with a smile at Frizelle Enos in downtown Sebastopol since 1938. Named after the two proprietors who built the store’s reputation from 1947- 66, Frizelle Enos Feeds, whose motto is “Feeds, Seeds ‘N Country Needs”, stewards the agricultural soul of West Sonoma County.


Need livestock, rooster or truck? Check the community chalkboard at the store’s entry.


The rear of the building captures the region’s agricultural character.