The Week in Bloom


Wild plum tree cluster (Prunus americana) in a grazing meadow

We’re taking the week off, spring cleaning and preparing for family to arrive from the East Coast. I’ve been cycling along low lying ranches in the fog belt of the Estero Americano watershed, scouting roadside willow, which thrives in the perpetually moist culverts. The grazing meadows are at their most lush, with occasional fruit trees just beginning to bloom, about a month later than in sunnier spots at higher elevations.


Wild plum (Prunus americana)


Marsh pea (Lathyrus palustris) in the culvert


Horsetail or (Equisetum arvense). According to my friend Colby Eierman (who identified this) of Benziger Family Winery, “We make both a fermented and a hot brewed tea from it.¬† The latter is a good tool against fungal disease.”


Wisteria  (Wisteria frutescens) is at its peak back in town.

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