John’s Elm


The text and images on this post were sent by my friend John Miya, who lives near Chicago, IL. I look forward to posting more tree images and related stories sent by readers as I build an Archive of Old Trees:

“This is an old elm in my back yard. Its mentioned on a landscaping blueprint from 1917 as being 2′, which I assume was diameter.  I’ll try to scan the original blue print and forward it.  I think its safe to assume the tree is over 100 years old (house built 1897). Its been well trimmed over the years and is very healthy, although it is surrounded by paving in the middle of a driveway, with a 4 foot deep skirt of vinca and bittersweet. Lately we have taken the precaution to have it inoculated against Dutch Elm disease. Many of the features of the 1917 diagram still exist, although only a few trees from the orchard part of the yard which were removed by previous owners as apparently they were a “bee nuisance”.  Half of the original yard is now occupied by 3 houses built in the 1970s. Sorry I am too technically  unskilled to make it your required dpi and size. Crop as you will. Just don’t cut it down.  I think old trees in the middle of long developed land is a testament to the patient stewardship of landscape architecture. The view at ground level includes the basketball hoop (not on the tree, next to the tree on wheels) and a variety of balls, skateboards and other yard paraphernalia. happy spring.” jm