Joe’s Late Season Mushroom Report

Black chanterelle (Craterellus cornucopioides) The Late Season (text and photo by Josef Szuecs) As I mentioned in an earlier post, mushrooms generally fruit in species dependent windows of time.  The exact timing of these windows vary from year to year, affected by a number of factors.  In the SF Bay area, we can start looking […]

Joe’s midseason Mushroom Report

This week my friend Josej Szuecs has graciously penned the second installment of his Mushroom Report: Midseason Mushrooms (text and photo by Josef Szeucs) The question is often posed to me: “When do the mushrooms start coming up?” In the western US, I start foraging two or three weeks after the first significant rainfall.  This […]

Joe’s Mushroom Report

artist/musician/chef Josef Szuecs of The-Way-To-Go-Joes My friend and neighbor Josef Szuecs is one of the most multi-talented people I’ve ever met. Owner of Renga Arts in Occidental, CA, guitarist/founder of the locally popular, self-described ‘porch jazz’ combo, The-Way-To-Go-Joes, Joe is also an accomplished chef, and his food often features seasonal fare he hunts, grows, fishes […]