Bottling the Cider

golden orb weaver

the Golden Orb Weaver (Argiope aurantia) sets her net in the breezy autumn garden

Like all the other creatures marking this time of year- spiders weaving webs around the garden, hungry deer grazing roadside, the long-billed Dowitcher foraging the beach or geese flying Southeast in their familiar, honking ‘V’- we’ve been busy making provisions for the shortening days as the season measurably shifts and our languid days of sun quietly recede. I cannot think of a more apt occasion to mark the seasonal transition as bottling the cider, which we did for the first time under the guidance of our friends Sherry and Joe, who supplied the knowledge and gear.

I have a new-found patience this year and welcome the shift, knowing that the darkening days are tempered by our sweetening cider, soon to be shared with friends in thanksgiving along with the golden memory of a late summer harvest.


Joe siphons the cider into bottles, which Ene caps

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