Wishing Wands Dedication


detail of one of three Wishing Wands crystal-embedded ‘heads’, approx. 32″ d.

Wowhaus was honored yesterday at the dedication ceremony for our Wishing Wands project at Berryessa Creek Park in San Jose, California. The three 13′ high sculptures are sited adjacent to a playground in a paved seating area frequently used by children with physical disabilities who attend the nearby elementary school. The design for Wishing Wands was largely inspired by meeting these children by chance during our initial site visit. Ene and I wanted to make something that changes dynamically with the light that children who lack mobility could enjoy interactively as a daily destination. After the ceremony, we were both deeply moved to see these kids energetically scramble in wheelchairs and walkers to catch rainbows cast by the clustered crystals and giddily make their wishes. My only wish is that I could make them all come true.

catching a rainbow1

catching a rainbow2

kids love catching rainbows cast by the Wishing Wands and making wishes

Ene and I are delighted that our original gesture translated so magically to the finished product, and we truly enjoyed each step of the process over the past year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in the ceremony, including San Jose Council Member Kansen Chu; Patricia McDonald, Chair, Public Art Committee of the San Jose Arts Commission; Barbara Goldstein, Public Art Director for the City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs; Lynn Rogers, Project Manager for the City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs; Beverly Williams and all members of the community in attendance. We hope to work with all of you again in the future!

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