A Chair for Greens

greens chair2my Elder Chair sidles up to a JB Blunk sculpture at Green’s Restaurant in SF

I’ve been commissioned to design a dining chair for Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area. The restaurant’s challenge has been to update its environs while respecting its origins, specifically the zen handwork of Paul Discoe, who designed and fabricated much of the original interior, and the artistry of JB Blunk, who created a site specific, functional sculpture for the original restaurant.

The management staff of Greens consulted my friend Mariah Nielson to narrow the search for an appropriate artisan/designer. Trained as an architect, Mariah now runs a thriving residency program in honor of her father, the sculptor JB Blunk. She thought my approach to furniture would resonate with the vegetarian/locavore ethos of Greens, and harmonize with the work of her late father. ?????? ?????? ??? I presented my Elder Chair (pictured above) to the Greens management team, including acclaimed chef Annie Somerville, and they loved it. I’ve agreed to design a simpler version, without arms, that meets their requirements of simplicity, durability and elegant utility. ???? 365 I’m truly honored for the opportunity to add to the enduring legacy of Greens. ????? ??????


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  1. Congratulations, that’s fantastic. We love Greens too. What a neat opportunity! Your Elder chair looks right at home there 🙂

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