The Week in Bloom

mavericksaction at Mavericks portends the arrival of spring to the N. Pacific (public domain)

In West Sonoma County, early signs of spring are typically in sync with the arrival of a huge south swell, epitomized by the epic surf at Mavericks, about 100 miles down the coast. With more daylight and warming temperatures over the past few weeks, our hens have begun laying eggs, the acacia trees are in flower, the willow’s catkin is giving way to leaf, and the wild plum trees are beginning to blossom along exposed slopes. jack pot city Yellow mustard flowers fill grazing meadows, vineyards and apple orchards, the clover beginning to recede. ????? ???? 2023 As we pack for the coming week of vacation on the beach north of Puerto Vallarta, I anticipate returning to a flood of fruit trees in full flower. ?????? ?????

acacia1the acacia trees are in bloom along the Sonoma Coast

willowthe willows are looking lively along the streams

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  1. I was watching the online broadcast of mavericks for awhile this morning, and the waves were amazing! I believe they said it was some of the biggest surf they’d ever had for the contest. Wonder what that portends?

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