Surf Serendipity in Sayulita

andy lambrechtsurfer/shaper Andy Lambrecht takes a break in Sayulita

I met surfboard maker Andy Lambrecht on our last day in Sayulita, Mexico. I noticed his handmade¬† wooden board by the beached fishing boats as we were packing up and getting ready to catch a bus back to Puerto Vallarta. Based in British Columbia, Andy makes a variety of hollow surfboards using reclaimed woods from local sources, which he typically re-saws and book-matches in elegant patterns- imperfections like nail holes are artfully incorporated into each board’s unique composition.

Andy is on paternity leave and will be in Sayulita with his wife and their two young daughters for three months, surfing and hanging out (talk about a health care program!). He brought along his shaping tools and has already landed a commission- a surfboard in exchange for work on his ailing car after the arduous journey southward. I look forward to keeping in touch with Andy Lambrecht, and have invited him and his family for a visit on their way back up the coast.


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  1. Hi Scott, that’s an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring. Hope you al had a great time surfing.

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