What Makes a Good Day?


I saw this Purple Shore Crab yesterday (Hemigrapsus nudus) while I was Having A Good Day. Our projects overwhelm at times and it can be challenging to keep the perspective on their origins and intentions, the contour of individual days lost in a whir of activity. The conceptual underpinnings of my work and collaborations with Ene have their roots in meandering walks and talks, and are the byproduct of a familiar default mode for us all, What Makes a Good Day?

As we stress about money and gophers, I’m finding it increasingly necessary (and productive) to reverse engineer the Good Day outside of the scope of projects. Yesterday was a lovely example. After breakfast with the family, I joined Richard and Pierre for a few hours of ‘chainsaw yoga’. We loaded a couple of cords of tan-oak into the dumptruck, including two 10′ lengths of figured, clear-grained chestnut, which I will season and make into furniture.  After smoothies back at home, Ene, Aili and I headed to the beach for the afternoon. It was sunny and warm for January, and I took a three mile run, changed into my wetsuit and braved the chilly sea (50 degrees?) for some body surfing on a glassy left hand break. Back home, Aili and I made a scrumptious dinner of salmon burgers with homemade tartar sauce (Aili’s speciality), fresh noodles (with homemade pasta leftover from our recent pirogi fest), and collard greens from the garden with lots of garlic. We were famished.

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