Scouting Doran

doran surf

the southern stretch of Doran Beach, looking southeast towards Tomales Bluff

Whenever I go to the beach, at least a few times a week, I habitually count the number of birds flying in formation, usually pelicans, who often fly in sets of 9 through 15. I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but am always pleased to find a prime number; somehow this seems to make them less vulnerable.

pelicans flying

brown pelicans flying northwest over the breakers at Doran Beach

At low tides it’s an easy hike through a rocky crevasse to the southern stretch of coast, normally cut off by the tidal surge. This stretch is more exposed to the southwest and shows early signs of a shift in the direction of current. If the swell continues its shift south, as it appears, there should be a tiny break closer to the accessible beach further out the cape in a few weeks, a one or two foot wave perfect for a trial run of the experimental, solid wood longboard I’ve been slowly shaping in anticipation.