Silvertone Revival


My trusty Sears Silvertone is shaped like an old school surfboard

I’ve been winding down after a hard day’s work by trying out new riffs on old guitars. Thinking a lot about surf and surf music lately, I’ve swapped out my familiar, acoustic mini-Martin for a 1962 Sears Silvertone I’ve owned since 1981. I taught myself how to play on this guitar, which I bought from its original owner, who modified it by adding Humbucker pickups and Gretsch machine heads. I learned to play by transposing Appalachian banjo tunes I knew by heart, which sound great on the reedy, trebly pitch of the Silvertone, especially when tuned a step or two high.

the holidays

I last played the Silvertone in the mid-1980’s with The Holidays