Micro-Expedition, Session 4

curve batten

Willey, Jack, Luke and Sean work together to loft full scale contours

During session 4 of Micro-Expedition, my Atelier class at CCA, most of the students began to loft to full scale, lifting lines from their 1/4 scale models, which they had cut into sections at structural stations. They made battens from thin strips of redwood for tracing curves, and worked collaboratively to hold the battens in position to draw their carefully measured contours. The boat-building is at a critical stage, before the molds are connected, and accuracy is essential. Any changes to the shape of the sectional molds will alter the shape of the hull. At this stage in the project, I’m eager to emphasize the importance of craft, of skilled handwork in assuring safety, durability and functionality, trusting that aesthetics will follow suit.

molds1bandsawsurfboat model2loftingsurfboat model

Before cutting his 1/4 scale model into sections, Peter made minor alterations to the hull of his surfboat SUP after sealing the bottom and making a float test.

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