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  1. Is this a form of burr medic clover and did you grow it from seed? How long has it been growing? We are growing it for forage for the first time this year and put out 4 1/2 lbs per acre mixed with 12 lbs of Sungrazer rye grass. We got good rain and it is emerging now after only 6 days since broadcast and a harrow run over it twice. I’m jacked! I can’t wait to see what we get this winter.

  2. I wish I knew. The clover was a volunteer and has spread to cover a meadow of about 1/2 acre. We’ve mixed in fescue, which takes over by early Spring, which me mow two or three times- once for visuals, once to reseed and again when it dries out before the fire season. The clover gets more dense each year, and comes in as seen above sometime around the New Year. thanks for tuning in. Where are you?

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