Incline House


I was recently invited by Matt Bua and Maximilian Goldfarb to submit a drawing for the publication of their upcoming book and accompanying exhibition, Visionary Architecture (title pending):

“Visionary Architecture will concentrate on un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper. This project begins with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including artist, designers and architects of renown, as well as those presenting ideas for the first time. a buon mercato ivermectin The book will reveal an array of works that convey alternatives, byproducts, expansions or critiques of one’s environment. ivermectina e albendazol juntos The book will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition, Cribs to Cribbage, which will begin at Mass MOCA in March 2009 and expand throughout the year. The book, together with the exhibition, will highlight many visions that exist outside of established channels of production, and conventions of design. what breeds are sensitive to ivermectin?

I categorized my submission as ‘folly’ and described it as follows:

“The Incline House is one of a series of seasonal, situationist structures, combining the sybaritic delights of contemplative sitting, meandering conversation and mindful motion so essential to a lazy summer evening.”

I would love to have a building that combines the semi-public, screened front porch and the semi-private rocking chair/porch swing, having spent my formative years lost in conversation/contemplation on front porches.

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