Pacific Coast Practical


Gems like this fence abound along this stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway. Maybe it was made by a frugal rancher short on time but long on material, making a higher fence from salvaged short boards to keep the deer out. Or maybe it’s a remnant of the sixties, a hippy-chic statement of ‘togetherness’ favoring the mighty hammer over the dividing saw. ???? ??? The contributing factors of a relatively mild, maritime climate and generally relaxed standards of public comportment aside, I love this fence for three reasons:

1. Its repair adds to its character.

2. Its maintenance requires no explanation, special knowledge, material or tool. ???? ????? ?? ???????

3. The structure is inherently adaptable to changing circumstances. ???? ???? ???? ?????

(it’s also pretty cool how the uneven top mimics the contour of the land beyond)

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