Traveler’s Mindset


The final bend home on my return from the coast along Estero Americano

Some days I like to do things that help me maintain a Traveler’s Mindset, so critical to sustaining the enjoyment and success of our wowhaus projects. Yesterday I rode the tide down my favorite local waterway, Estero Americano, to the mouth where it drains to the sea. With the tide moving at about two knots and a rare land breeze at my back, I reached the coast with minimal effort and was able to enjoy watching birds and listening to the fields draining in rivulets and miniature waterfalls along the way. ??? ??? The route is becoming familiar and I knew just where to position the boat in the channel of the slough to take advantage of wind and wave. ???? ???????

A simple, half-day excursion like this has many parallels to the life cycle of our projects. The beginnings are straightforward, almost mechanical, following known protocols we’ve patterned through experience. The destination and goals are hypothetical, with room left for adjustments along the way as conditions change. The return trip can be more arduous than expected, but it becomes evident that the ultimate point of the journey is safe passage to home turf, and the clarity of perspective to recognize its beauty. ?????? ?????????


homeward stretch on Estero Americano

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  1. Sweet. So different than if you had have gone out on that second last weekend in December with the Atelier folk!
    Its nice to see that we are both drawn to the white light of late winter and the stillness and aseasonal warmth that comes with the offshore.
    Extraordinarily lovely days we’ve been having!

  2. Loved this entry ! Brought back fond memories of our numerous excursions and adventures together on BELLE 76 ! Wish we could relive some of those fun times !

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