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Over the years I’ve been collecting stones of a particular shape on local beaches, particularly during winter months when storms pull away the blanket of sand. Stones of this shape are rare but seem to represent an ideal, one that most beach stones tend towards, given local conditions. The stones fit snugly in the hand and their blunted points and textured surfaces soothe fatigued muscles when squeezed into a closed fist. They also fit nicely in a pocket, where they can be kept warm and ready. The best stone I’ve found is in the lower left hand corner, pictured above. I kept this one in my pocket for years, and recently made a cast of it in aluminum when it began to develop a crack. I’m considering offering the cast aluminum Hand Stone as a Deep Craft product, but am not sure of its appeal. I’d love to hear any thoughts before I proceed, having never seen anything like this before, but eager to share my discovery.

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  1. i love to find things that fit my hand. i end up collecting and carrying them, too.

    i’m with bruce, i don’t think aluminum would make a good pocket rock…it would transfer heat too fast. bronze would be nice tho. it’d get nice and warm from you hand or in a pocket.

  2. Thanks guys, this is just the kind of ‘open source’ process I’m trying to encourage. I think it works, and will take your recommendations to heart. I’d love to hear any more ideas about either process or product relatedly.. This handstone project might be a good way to model the concept of ‘open source’ product design.

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