Banff DM2020, Days 2 and 3

dm2020 mountain

The view outside Kinnear 205, where we spent the majority of the past two days

Through an orchestrated frenzy of oversized multi-colored post-its, flip books, breakout sessions, brain dumps and debate, we managed to deliver some valuable data and shed light on potential future scenarios for the role of Digital Media Research at the Banff Centre. I applaud all who participated, especially the DMR Director, my old friend Mark Resch, who deftly articulated the Summit’s goals and strategies, and Gavin McGarry, the session’s facilitator and President of Jumpwire Media.

dm2020 board

A glimpse inside Kinnear 205 at the Banff Centre’s Digital Media 2020 Summit

Towards the end of the two day Summit, debate turned to the legitimacy of the term ‘digital media’ and what exactly it encompasses. The concensus for now is that it is not at all an apt term but will suffice out of force of habit and in lieu of anything better. ???? ????? When pressed to define ‘digital media’, Sarah Cook, an independent curator based in the UK, said she considered digital media to be any electronically produced product where ‘the means of production and the means of distribution are the same‘. We agreed that this is a paradigm of traditional craft, along with the open source and DIY strategies gaining popularity in digital media. mexico city ivermectin study