Driftwood Symposium


I’ve been collecting driftwood over the past couple of years and organizing it according to its general type (girth, length, curvature, species) and the frequency with which it can typically be found on stretches of beach near the mouth of the Russian River. I’d like to expand upon my collecting, make a kind of a taxonomy of driftwood, and explore some potential uses for the most common varieties. I’d like to organize a Driftwood Symposium on the beach after the next flood tide, while there is still plenty of driftwood along the shore following the most recent winter storms. Please send me a comment below or contact me directly if you’d like to participate and I’ll send details.


3 replies on “Driftwood Symposium”

  1. Would love to partake,
    I could bring my found beach knots/rope collection to hang the driftwood chandeliers from.
    I’m due out at headlands late 2009. Maybe then

  2. Scott,

    Gary told me about your Deep Craft site. Beautiful to look at and think about! I’m passing this on to my artist siblings.

    Congrats to Eilie on her tae kwon do!

    My best wishes to you all!


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