ene aboard suddenly

Ene’s hat and scarf complement ‘Suddenly’s late 1970’s vintage.

Ene and I spent our first afternoon together aboard ‘Suddenly’, which Ene has been calling our ‘pied-a-mer’. It was a blustery day after a long overdue rainfall, so Ene sat in the cabin reading while I replaced the dock lines and installed a portable head. We picked a color for the cabin’s interior, aired out the damp seat cushions, and thought through the logistics of spending our first night on board next week, when we return from Denver after scoping out our Tsuru Project.

Thinking about cruising and spending time on board I’ve been enjoying reading one of my favorite books, ‘The Rudder Treasury: A Companion for Lovers of Small Craft’, a compilation of the best writing from The Rudder magazine, published from the late 1800’s until the late 1940’s. I especially love the recipes included and hope to modify a few to suit our tiny galley and weekend larder, which will combine canned and dry goods stowed on board with fresh ingredients we bring along. I look forward to developing a few signature dishes when we invite friends for a sail or just to hang out aboard ‘Suddenly’. If you have any ideas for elegant, one pot meals, please send them along. Meanwhile. here’s a sample recipe from The Rudder:

cocktail sauce

self portrait on boat

I found just the right necktie to leave on board for the inevitable emergency.