Ulmus Americana 3-22-12

deep deck 3-22-12

My boards measure 44″L x 9.5″W, cupped and cambered, with a slightly lifted pintail.

I recently finished another small batch of my Deep Deck longboards in American Elm. The design has taken about three years of prototyping to perfect, and is proving popular with a wide range of riders, from street cruisers to downhill carvers. I source only sustainably milled, air-dried wood from local horticultural salvage, and stamp the latin name of the species on the underside of each deck, along with the date the deck comes off the bench. Since I’m currently the sole supplier and each deck is essentially made to order, I’ve been keeping track of who owns each one. I plan to follow up with an interactive database that allows people to upload images, share info and connect with other Deep Deck riders and collectors.

ulmus americana