Introducing Pappy


Pappy likes to repair things, preferably without spending money, using things diligently saved and gleaned, collected in coffee cans and baby food jars.  Pappy is a uniquely American archetype, a perennially frugal character forged by hardship, perseverance and optimism. We all hopefully still have a little bit of Pappy in us.

Between projects in my woodshop I don my Pappy apron and gear up to make the necessary repairs and fixtures, with frequent trips to my Pappy larder to rummage around for just the right fastener or gizmo. It seems chaotic to the untrained eye, but I have a mental inventory of where everything is- plumbers tape, bailing wire, brads, etc. The random access, pappy-logic is a welcome contrast to my orderly wood world. I’m very lucky to have my own repair shop on the wowhaus compound, pre-stocked by the original owner, whose broken glasses (above) still live on the shelf, next to the transistor radio.


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  1. I’ll wager we have several hundred (thousand?) screws, nails and brads in various jars, coffee cans and the like–Any of which, should they be tossed out would put at risk at least a half-dozen projects, all of them begun, oh a good few years ago–I know whereof you speak–Sally

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