Hard and Soft Influences

Seen as ‘skill in execution’, craft plays a role in shaping all spheres of influence. Deep Craft is this acknowledgment. I would love to build an archive of examples of Deep Craft within each of the tiers of government, business, design and art. In government, the Constitution comes to mind; in business, Google floats to […]

Lightning Tree House at Mildred’s Lane

Beach Lake, Pennsylvania NOW AVAILABLE: Rare archival footage of the construction of Lightning House 2001. Click here for details. I am continuing with the theme of revisiting old projects as a way to reflect on my current trajectory, see old friends, and make new discoveries. This past fall I traveled to upstate Pennsylvania to assess […]

Bulrush of the Estuary

I’d like to make a chair whose materials all come from within walking distance of where it is made. We live in West Sonoma County, California, on the Salmon Creek watershed. Ideally, I’d like to find a market within this bio-region as well, including the surrounding watersheds of Tomales Bay and the Russian River for […]