Country Commune Cooking

I love this timeless culinary classic from 1972. I love to cook and always have my antennae up for folksy recipes and offbeat eateries. I was rewarded on both fronts recently when I stumbled upon Lucy Horton’s classic spiral-bound ‘Country Commune Cooking’ in the free-bin at Hardcore Espresso, my favorite spot for coffee and one […]

Comice Pear Harvest

our own freshly harvested Comice pears (Pyrus communis) After pressing the majority of our Bartlett pears into cider, some of which we combined with the juice of ripe Roma apples, we made a point of reserving our delicious Comice pears for eating raw. The large pear has the juiciest, creamiest fruit, and its flavors combine […]


the marinated fish is ready to add to the boiling broth Bouillabaisse is a fish stew whose origins date to the ancient sea routes of the Mediterranean. Though strongly associated with coastal Provence, the stew has roots in Greece and Italy, where for centuries fish has been cooked in rapidly boiling  broth combining strong wine, […]

Election Day Bed

I spent Election Day in the shop making a pencil post bed as a distraction from the culmination of my combined worry and excitement for the returns of the day.The bed will occupy the ‘Outlaw’, our guest home/vacation rental where my parents will be living when they arrive next week from Philadelphia for an extended […]