Vicis Vigio


the unique Red Gravenstein, just picked and ready for the press

I never thought I needed a motto, but Vicis Vigio, which translates loosely as ‘Week in Bloom’, appears to suffice. I’ve become interested in the notion of mottos because they tend to go along with things that have lasted the ages, from heraldry to masonic orders to corporations and related ad campaigns. Have you ever noticed how people in their very, very advanced years always have a motto to explain their uncanny longevity, despite overwhelming odds to the contrary? I recently found a great collection of mottos on wikipedia, which you might find of interest by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a great week of project progress, proposals and pressing cider. ??? ??? ???????? Here are some images that capture the season of sharing with friends and family while the apples are dropping from the trees and the freshly pressed cider ferments:


pressing cider for applejack


twelve gallons of cider fermenting


the native, claro walnuts are ripe


acorns drop from the oaks like candy


endless pies of  blackberry, rhubarb and apple in uncanny juxtaposition