Wishing Wands Installed


two of the three Wishing Wand sculptures tower over Berryessa Creek Park in San Jose

Ene and I completed the installation of our Wishing Wand sculptures at Berryessa Creek Park in San Jose yesterday, mounting the ‘seed heads’ to the stainless steel posts. Overcast skies do not do justice to the sparkly crystals, and we look forward to returning to document the sculptures when the sun is shining brightly and the ‘seed heads’ refract light prismatically. We’re very proud of our latest Wowhaus public art project, and hope the community enjoys living with the Wishing Wands as much as we enjoyed the collaborative process of designing and making them.

This project is the result of many hands working in harmony to bring our vision into reality, and we owe our deep gratitude to them all- special thanks to: Lynn Rogers & Joe Saxe, San Jose Public Art Program; Jeff McCann, (Metalworker Extraordinaire), McCann Machine & Manufacturing, Santa Rosa; Tim Hyde, Structural Engineer, Ahearn Knox & Hyde Inc., San Jose; Brian Itterly, Manu-Fab, San Jose; Ray Yamanaka, SF Tube, Inc., Hayward; Van Bebber Steel, Petaluma; Robert Balf, JRL Machine & Driveline, Petaluma; Kurt Hogan, Duran/ Hogan Construction, San Jose.


Here are some images documenting the progress on site:


Duran/Hogan Construction cuts the holes for the poured concrete foundations


The holes are ready to be excavated for structural steel before the concrete is poured


Kurt Hogan welds the stainless steel posts to stainless steel plates before the holes are capped


Scott levels while Kurt welds


Scott helps Brian Itterly secure the ‘seed heads’ with tamp-proof bolts

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