Old School Market Research

vintage skateboard

I’m taking a deep breath before I fly down to San Diego to dive into a couple of days of market research at the ASR (Action Sports Retailer) Conference. I will be scoping out the viability of my Deep Deck TM, an innovative, solid wood interpretation of the classic homemade, old school longboards of yore. I have successfully prototyped the Deep Deck and it has already demonstrated regional, niche appeal, which has me wondering if any eco-comparables exist on the market so I know what scale of production to anticipate. I’ve even had my first ever business cards made, designed by Ene using the now familiar ‘deep’ logo I developed with C2, lovingly printed by The Ligature in San Francisco.

frontside backside

Stay tuned for a dispatch from the floor of the ASR Convention Center, and wish me luck as I seek simpatico in sunny San Diego.