The Week in Bloom

cypress stack

stacks of cedar dry in the warm September air

I counted five Kestrel perched along barbed wire as I wound down Marshall-Petaluma Road towards Tomales Bay from Evan Shively’s mill. I had been inspecting the deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara) Evan milled for my latest interior design commission, and I was delighted to find the fragrant stacks neatly stickered for air-drying on the S2 Ranch.

cedar stack

Evan sequenced the wider boards with white, numbered labels

Evan even took the care to label the sequence of wider boards as they came off the log, which will make for a lovely pattern to explore in my design of interior furnishings. The cedar stock should be adequately dry after nearly two months kissed by the dry breezes of our Indian Summer, just ready for my winter’s production in the shop.

the ciders continue to bubble away as they ferment

The lengthening nights have been getting cooler, with coyotes whooping their call and response as they venture into the dark clearings of a moonless sky. The hawks have been migrating along the coast, circling high over our ridgetop meadows and resting atop the redwood trees. The termites arrived as they do in swarms unannounced, and thankfully left as mysteriously. Meanwhile, the ciders continue their bubbling fermentation in glass carboys.

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