Bioneers was held over the past weekend at the Wright-designed Marin Civic Center

Bioneers is an annual, three day forum for cutting edge ideas in the realm of sustainability and ecology. This year’s conference was aptly sited on the campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Marin Civic Center and marks the twentieth anniversary of the inception of Bioneers. The urgency for action related to climate change dominated the theme, with a deep range of participants and speakers including Michael Pollan, and organizations like the Indigenous Environmental Network, whose timely Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is gaining well-deserved recognition. Ene and I were honored to be among the presenters this year. We introduced a project in development and used the forum as an opportunity to get feedback and brainstorm how best to proceed. ???? ????? The project will combine social media and handheld technology to increase bioregional awareness, and I will be excited to make it available on these pages as soon as it is up and running. ??? ???? ???? ??? I would love to hear from anyone with expertise in designing handheld applications with interest in helping me build a prototype. ??????? ??? ???


A Great Blue Heron in the wetlands of the Marin Civic Center campus