Kohler Arts Dispatch

sheboygan bicyclist

a morning commuter braves the November chill in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sheboygan is easily one of the coolest towns I’ve experienced. The people here exude a pragmatic optimism and can-do eagerness that conjure another time, a friendlier America of the past that in many ways has never left this small city on the lake. Clearly, Sheboygan is a model for a future, pedestrian-friendly town worthy of emulation. I know of no other city of this scale that offers a world class art institution, was voted the second most bike-friendly city (after Seattle), was among three counties nationwide to receive federal funding to develop infrastructure for non-motorized transportation, and boasts the best fresh water surfing in the US.

sheboygan dusk

dusk settles over the Sheboygan River, from the bike path

paradigm bike

I was lent this classic cruiser for the week

sheboygan morning2

a morning ride along the lake

sheboygan church