Ene’s Winter Garden 2

pineapple guavafreshly picked Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana) from Ene’s Winter Garden

I never notice our pineapple guava bush, which frames the back entry to our vegetable garden, until the ripe fruit drops from its branches. This morning I picked most of the feijoa, about 2 gallons, which we’ll make into salsa, smoothies and muffins. As always, I’m open to suggestion and would love to hear of any good recipes. While gathering the feijoa I was struck by the misty morning light streaming across the meadow and into the garden, and thought to make a few photos of Ene’s Winter Garden, in response to numerous requests after my recent post.

collardsEne’s winter collards, kissed by morning dew

kaleEne’s winter kale, ready to eat

fence flowers2Ene plants flowers along the garden fences

marigolds2and marigolds everywhere

winter cloverthe meadows are all in full clover

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  1. We had a group of Hmong students visit the Copia garden once. They went straight for the guavas and ate them with fresh hot chiles. I dust them with chile powder. They are also good in a sorbet.

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