Deep Craft video

I’m proud to post the final episode of Kirsten Dirksen’s three part documentary she filmed in one day this past winter when she was visiting from Barcelona, home base for her company, This is my favorite one and I think it does a wonderful job of presenting the core of my Deep Craft philosophy. […]

Reviving the Garden (+ a recipe)

Ene builds towers for her peas to climb. With help from friends we’ve been reviving our vegetable garden over the past few weeks. It’s been about 5 years since we built the raised beds, and with the demands of projects and travel over the past couple of years, the garden has been sorely neglected. The […]

Ene’s Arbor Day

rows of mature olive trees at the Urban Tree Farm (photo: Ene Osteraas-Constable) I’ve asked Ene to write an occasional post for Deep Craft, and am proud to share her first story (all text and images by Ene Osteraas-Constable): I greet the deluge of the season’s first heavy rains with relief and contentment, knowing that […]


nearly ripe Hachiya Persimmon, ready to be peeled and hung to dry Looking up at the persimmon tree’s wild constellation of fruit still languidly dangling, you’d hardly know we already picked over two bushels for drying. Ene recently discovered the Japanese art of Hoshigaki, a technique of drying fruit by a combination of open-air hanging […]

Ene’s Winter Garden 2

freshly picked Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana) from Ene’s Winter Garden I never notice our pineapple guava bush, which frames the back entry to our vegetable garden, until the ripe fruit drops from its branches. This morning I picked most of the feijoa, about 2 gallons, which we’ll make into salsa, smoothies and muffins. As always, […]

Ene’s Winter Garden

Most people know Ene, my wife and wowhaus partner, as one of the sunniest people they’ve met, and rightfully so. Our wowhaus compound has been blessed by her love of planting, harvesting and saving seeds, as she eagerly scouts out patches of sun throughout the year, populating them with seasonal flowers and vegetable gardens, battling […]

The Week in Bloom

A freak thunderstorm over the weekend jolted the late summer halo, bringing cooler, moister air with more than a hint of autumn. The gardens are yielding the last and brightest of their fruits, and in the Ernsts’ woods where we cut firewood, waxy chestnuts are weighing down the branches. strongyloides pcr post ivermectin The air […]