Fish Sculptures Progress

rockfish assembledthe reassembled 1/4 scale substrate for the Vermillion Rockfish sculpture

After tracing sectional contours for full scale fabrication in steel, I’ve reassembled the wooden parts of the two 1/4 scale models of fish sculptures for our Abundance project. Next I build up a layer of clay over the wooden substrates to approximate the outermost surfaces, which will be ceramic tile mosaic on the finished pieces. Next week I will present the clay covered models to the San Francisco Arts Commission for final approval.

The layer of clay will also help when we’re fabricating the full size sculptures, enabling us to measure the depth of the outer tile substrate, which will be fiberglass-reinforced gypsum. Building the sculptures will be a little like forensic anthropology, in reverse.

rockfish skinnedmodel of the Vermillion Rockfish, skinned in clay

To follow the story of our Abundance Project for the Ortega Branch of the SF Public Library, click here and scroll down.