Deep Craft at Waterfall Arts


We have been busy preparing for our first Deep Craft Symposium this weekend at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. I finished the pencil post bed and it awaits my parents’ arrival tomorrow for a trial run. Meanwhile, Ene had been on call to support her sister as she gave birth to a healthy girl, born yesterday. We have a new niece!

The symposium promises to be a lively and timely complement to our activities on the home front. We will host a panel discussion this Friday,  and follow up with a presentation of our work followed by a hands-on workshop on Saturday.

The panel will be a kind of summit meeting of ideas underlying craft practice, and related potential regarding sustainability, community and commerce. Most often, public forums on craft focus on exposition/exhibition, featuring technical or market related strategies. Our Deep Craft Symposium will focus on ‘why to’ as opposed to ‘how to’; on what makers think about- on what are the intended outcomes of craft practice and related obstacles, challenges and rewards. Because we work in relative isolation, this will be a great opportunity to share insights and experience in a public conversation with like-minded folks on the other coast.

Please come by if you are in the neighborhood!