Symposium Decompression

In reverse of the usual order, Ene and I kicked off the symposium with an open-ended panel discussion around my concept of ‘deep craft’. We staged the conversation as an old-fashioned town hall meeting and opened the floor to an audience of over 60 participants, encouraging the free exchange of ideas as the Deep Craft […]

Deep Craft at Waterfall Arts

We have been busy preparing for our first Deep Craft Symposium this weekend at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. I finished the pencil post bed and it awaits my parents’ arrival tomorrow for a trial run. ???????? ???????? Meanwhile, Ene had been on call to support her sister as she gave birth to a healthy […]

David McLaughlin

Ene and I were recently invited to be visiting artists at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. We will be facilitating a three day symposium on Deep Craft from November 13-16. When I was visiting the site over the summer I had the good fortune to meet David McLaughlin, an artist and set designer who lives […]