Fairy Godmother of Surf

scott and donald

Donald Fortescue is my Fairy Godmother of Surf

Over Labor Day weekend our good pals Sandra Kelch and Donald Fortescue stayed at our new wowhaus retreat. Sandra has been working over the summer with Ene and our friend Kathleen Monroe on renovating the interior, and it’s been fun to share the compound with friends and family as the ‘cottage’ is readied for the public.

Donald and I continued our ongoing conversation about woodcraft and surf culture. I unerringly defer to his wise counsel as my designated ‘Fairy Godmother of Surf’. Though somewhat new to the sport himself, Donald is a wealth of knowledge and has volunteered everything from surf-related reading to advice on wetsuits, links to articles and videos about shaping wooden surfboards, and real-time critique of my shaping.  He’s even kept me abreast of recent sitings of the formidable Great White! Thanks Donald!

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